Fentanyl Patches 50mcg/hr




Fentanyl Patches 50mcg/hr

Fentanyl Patches 50mcg,Fentanyl Patches 50mcg/hr (Ratiopharm, various) for sale at very affordable prices.Order discreetly and receive your package delivered within 4 days.

Fentanyl is about 80 times more potent than morphine and bout 40 times stronger than heroin. The street version of the drug is being blamed on an increase in overdoses that in some cases, can take as many as six injections of Naloxone to save the person’s life.

Fentanyl the prescription drug and fentanyl inside a heroin bag come from very different sources, although both can be abused.

Prescription fentanyl has been around for years, intended for chronic severe pain, trauma and cancer patients. Brand names include Actiq, Duragesic, and Sublimaze where the drug is administered through a patch, injection or lollipop.

Fentanyl sold on the street under names like Apache, China Girl, China White, Dance Fever, Murder 8 and TNT, is an entirely different monster.


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