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The Right Paths is a group of Voluntary Euthanasia enthusiast seeking to direct individuals who are looking for the best End-of-Life Choice for their loved ones. We believe that Death With Dignity is a fundamental human right. We see no need torturing terminally ill patients by hanging their lives on life support and subjecting them to terrible pains every moment.  We work with several action groups in the country and the diaspora, seeking to influence laws related to Voluntary Euthanasia.

How we work
Our services do not only end with action groups, support groups, meetings, counseling, etc… but we also go as far as providing more direct support to individuals who have come to the end of their journey and want to exit this life peacefully. To that effect, we constantly secure a reasonable stock of Nembutal for those who qualify to purchase the drug after answering a few questions. Your privacy and security is top priority, but we equally have to be sure that the person taking the drug really has no other option.

To Purchase Nembutal online can be a very difficult and challenging task, let alone shipping it especially to countries and states where the product and its administration is not yet legalized. Honestly, it is not all the time that we have the product in stock or successfully ship it. In the case of low stock, we can link you directly to our sources for quick acquisition while we continue haunting for larger stocks. In cases where the product fails to go through customs, you are safe and your information not compromised since we use discrete packaging and stealth shipping. Fortunately, we have more than one method and can always try again at re-ship at no extra cost.

Contact us for more information or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Purchase nembutal online
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